Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Advantages and limitations of experimentation method:

Experimentation method is the highly systematic and scientific method. Researchers often use experimentation method in their research or in study, because it has several advantages which are as follows.

1.   The most salient feature of experimental method is that it is very strong in determine the cause and effect relation between independent and dependent variable. We can accurately say through experiment that one (or more) variable(s) is causing another variable.

2.   In experimental method the experimenter has control over his experiment. He can manipulate variable(s) the way he wants and can make some variable constant.

3.   Replication of result (obtaining same result again and again) under similar condition is possible in experimental method.

4.   This method is very useful in generalizing the outcomes. Because we can get same result again and again through experimental method we can accurately say that the results drawn through experiments can be drawn is other situations also.

Experimental method has also some limitations which are as follows.
1.   Though some control is there, absolute control over variable is not possible. Because we are conducting experiments on human beings or animals, we can not control personal difference s which may affect dependent variables.

2.   Experimental situation is artificial and results may not be generalized well to the real world. The individual may show different behavior in laboratory and real life.

3.   Sometimes experimenters’ biasness may affect the result. For example the experimenter is biased toward some people and if he is experimenting on those subjects chances are the result may be biased.

4.   Though effects of extraneous variables are minimized, there may be still some effect of some of the extraneous variables in dependent variable.

Though there are some advantages and limitations, this method is very much used to find cause and effect and to generalize the findings.


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