Sunday, January 8, 2012

Goals of psychology

Psychology has four main foals i.e. describe, understand or explain, predict and control or modify the behaviors. psychologists differ with respect to the goals they emphasize. They are concerned with one or more of the four basic  goals of psychology. Beyond that, psychology's ultimate goal is to gather knowledge to benefit humanity (Coon, 1997)

1. Describe behavior: The first goal of psychology is to describe behavior. description involves naming and classifying behavior. This description is based on careful, systematic procedure in contrast to haphazard description of common sense. Description is very important in that it makes u clear about what the phenomena under study. only after we described the behavior or phenomenon clearly we can move to the other goals.

2. Understand or explain behavior: The second goal of psychology becomes explaining the behavior or phenomenon that was described. psychologists who are concern this goal try to find out why such behavior occur. they take help of existing theories and knowledge to explain or understand behavior. in some cases if there are no theorizes or researches that can explain such behavior psychologists make tentative statements and try to test such hypothesis.

3. Predict the behavior: Another important goal for psychologists is to forecast future event. By carefully analyzing the relationship between different variables, psychologists can accurately predict what will be the relation in future between them. prediction helps in modifying the behavior. it is facilitated by understanding of the relationship.

4.Control or modify behaviors: The fourth goal of psychology is to control, modify or change the existing behavior. the behaviors that need to be corrected are modified through the help of psychological techniques. Only psychologists who work in applied are of psychology are concerned with controlling the behaviors. psychologists working in theoretical or basic are are only concerned with first three goals of psychology.


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